Tuesday, October 04, 2005

you too?

nope, nothing to do with that pop band also called u2, no, nothing to do... so...what have brought you here? hmmm, i'm sure you don't have nothing to do while you waste the lasts times of this miserable life all we are bound to live.. you may also are thinking that i'm nut and driving in despair just because my kind words of welcome..no, nothing to do.. I just can't read read your mind. hmm, why? If I just know that I won't be asking it to you :p
omg, well, listen (or read), I like blog things.. they are cool cause you can read weird ideas people have in mind... also you may share life facts with them, and thats good cause you may find that other person has some things alike you... now do you understand "you too"? good! now, c'mon, you may share with me something funny or sad, and we may talk...i like to talk.. huh? Why would you comment about you too? Cause I can't read you mind! ;)
hmmm, no more words cause I'm sleeping over the keyboard.
Thanks for the help and thats it :) c ya nxt time!

"And no one tells me what I was before
And I still roam alone wondering
Where I have lost myself"
-by Me